My fiction and essays have appeared in Umbrella Factory, Fifth Wednesday Journal, Driftwood Press, The Writing Disorder, Evening Street Review, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, 3AM Magazine, Litro, and others.
I also write a weekly column at the

In a past life, I was a features and sports reporter at The Santa Fe New Mexican, and a political news correspondent at the Talk Radio News Service in Washington, D. C. I hold an Master of Fine Arts in Writing from Pacific University Oregon.

Feet now firmly planted in Southern California with my wife and two young sons, my roots originate in Northern New Mexico, where the folklore and ways of my Spanish, Native American, and English ancestors, mixed with a satirical slant, informs all my writing. By day, I am a full-time salesman for a healthcare company.

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Writing Interests


  • High brow, low brow, mid brow, unibrow (mostly mid to uni)
  • Irony, both redemptive and humorous (don’t mind some dead irony now and again)
  • Humor (dark, sarcasm, satire, slapstick, dry)
  • Diversity (can’t be all white people…)
  • Spiritualism (dashes of religion)
  • Family issues (dysfunctional only!)
  • Latino, Hispanic, Spanish influences (whatever it is we mutts are called)
  • Parenthetical references (though I rarely use them in my writing)

  • Lit I Like

  • Literary, Pop, and mainstream
  • Short stories
  • Short novels (shnovels, or novellas)
  • Satire, Humor, Dark Humor
  • Magic Realism
  • Historical
  • Sci-Fi
  • Non-fiction: anything having to do with beating the odds
  • Anything by García Márquez, Saunders, Fitzgerald, Atwood, Vonnegut,
    Twain, Didion, Marie Howe, Dorianne Laux, Steve Almond, Pam Houston, Kellie Wells

  • Lit I write

  • Literary and pop fiction writer fixated on short stories and novels
  • Itinerant journalist
  • Lifelong memoirist
  • Aspiring essayist
  • Pathetic poet