God said

“They’re very industrious,” God said. “Give them a difficulty, anything at all, and they will go about trying to fix it. I just love to watch them solve problems all day and night, around their little clocks. This product recall for example. The accelerator pedal sticks and has caused a few accidents. They’ve dropped everything and dedicated their time to fixing it. They’re going to repair every one, or so they say. They are going to take care of their customers. I just love that word and the way they use it. And yet, when I observe them working so hard to solve these global issues like faulty gas pedals, trying to clothe and feed the dying in Haiti, and trying to wipe out the noxious gases they’ve created over the years, I don’t see them trying to take care of the one standing next to them. So easy for them to extend their hand to their closest loved one and give them what they need and want most. So simple for them to solve their world’s problems through civility and humility toward one another. If they could only apply their fervent customer service to one another, one at a time. My goodness, the outcome!

I see it all and when I see the men who are now working around the little clock to solve the bad gas pedal, I fear less for the driver of the next vehicle that will speed out of control and crash and more for that mechanic who while dedicated to solving the worldly problem, his own wife and children receive nothing from his thumping and pumping heart. When I see the woman who cries for Haiti and sends shoes and money but fails to recognize that her own physical and mental health, both in dismal shape, are detrimental to herself and her family, I know that these busy creatures, my little organisms, have much to learn.”

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