Heroes of the moment, Part 1

Heroes of the moment

1. Jon Favreau – this fellow is 27 years old and is Barack Obama’s speech writer. Favreau wrote Obama’s inauguration speech in a Starbucks, is a heavy caffeine user, and has a Facebook page. (note: real writers write only in coffee shops, abuse Red Bull, and love to social network…today’s writers that is. I guess this means that I’m a writer of the past, or living in the past. Oh, who gives a shit? Enough about me, back to my hero of the moment…)

Favreau is the definition of a writer. He takes words, the President’s, listens to them, captures the tone and message then puts them into a document. Favreau works late into the night and sounds like he’s an intense mother scratcher when he composes. Obama’s inaugration speech was a rouser so I think Favreau did his job. What I see in Favreau is youthful energy put to good use. He works hard and is invested in his work and who he works for. He’s using his gift of word manipulation. I applaud him and want him to continue rocking on, but I hope he doesn’t crash too hard, too soon. He’s 27 fuckin’ years old – he’s got a lot of living to do. I hope he’s got a lot more up his sleeves. Like that nine year old Japanese prodigy who created an iPhone application: please curb your inventions or you might be a washed up boy genius by age 14.


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