Interview with myself, Part 2

Q: Interviewing yourself is bit like looking at pictures of yourself. Would you agree?

A: Not at all. I don’t quite get the connection. Please elaborate.

Q: OK, forget the picture and think of a self portrait. A painted self portrait.

A: I don’t paint.

Q: Think of Frida Kahlo. Every painting she did bore an image of her face in one way or another. Whether it was her body or a flower or an animal, her piercing eyes, severe brow and that whisp of a mustache always made it in.

A: OK…

Q: What I’m saying is that the artist cannot escape his or her work. They will always be inserted into in somehow.

A: Who’s asking the questions here? Everything you’ve asked has been a comment.

Q: The point is that in order to understand your work, to better communicate what you’re trying to say, you must know yourself. Don’t you agree?

A: Yes. Finally a question.

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