Interview with myself, Part I

As the author of the orbitalblog celebrates a birthday this week, he will conduct a series of interviews with himself.

Q: So what’s it like, being this age?

A: Well, the twenties, as I’ve always said were an extended adolescence. There was really not much difference between the irresponsibility I felt as a teenager and the irresponsibility I felt in my twenties. The major difference is that the twenties were virtually unsupervised.

Q: So we can safely say that you are “in your 30’s.” Do you feel old or older, do you feel like you are really into a new generation of life?

A: Yes, I do feel like I am in a new generation of life, no doubt there. Since I was a kid, I’ve always liked the age I’ve been. As far as I can remember, I’ve never wished to be older or younger at any stage of life. About feeling old or older, I feel more like I am ripening. Yes, ripening is another word for aging, so yes, I feel like I am aging. I don’t feel old but I do feel more mature. With maturity, and with my step into a new generation and acknowledgement of being a “thirty-something” now, I feel like my life has gone into a different gear. Childhood is in a higher gear than adolescence. Twenties are a different gear than the thirties.

Q: Would you say that gear, in your thirties is a lower gear?

A: I guess I would. There is some kind of downshift to this age. And not that life and life’s experiences are slowing down or that at this age you need to take it slower. The analogy is more so that at a lower gear, you move more efficiently, more economically. You must preserve your fuel and energy so that life is just as enjoyable, if not more enjoyable, going at 60 miles an hour than 80 miles an hour. You essentially enjoy the ride.

Q: So what your saying is, following the car and shifting motif, you’ll be in the lowest gear possible, trying to peer over the steering wheel when you’re in your 80’s, still enjoying your ride, but pissing everybody off who’s trying to get around you?

A: Yes.

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