The Admiral

December 24, 1492 Enrique Navarro Lovato shared a tiny cabin below the bow with Juan Carlos Gutierrez Romero. Each boy slept on a three-plank bunk, Enrique’s closer to the floor because he was the younger of the two, and because, according to Juan Carlos, Juan Carlos was part Basque, who were superior sailors, which is …

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False Starts

  We’ve all been there: staring at a blank canvas, that perfect first line taunting you. Sometimes the entire story spills into your head. You see it all play out before you. It’s going to be marvelous. Then the words come. And this is what you get. False starts. Doomed beginnings. ========================= Traces of fat …

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Adventures / Failures in Pop Fiction ~or~ It’s all been done before

  -witch / wizard school -vampire romance -vampire school – witch / wizard romance – zombie apocalypse -nuclear apocalypse -asteroid apocalypse -star-crossed lovers -feuding family -alien invasion -elf kingdom -mythical animals -time travel -lonely cowboy -traveling girl -cowboys vs. aliens -unlikely romance -talking animals -talking fruit and vegetables -freak weather -weather involving food -toys come …

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Stage Dive

  Through a sliver of unshielded window, the midnight sun seared a line on Rebecca’s face that she had tried to avoid the minute she, her boyfriend Gil, and the fifteen-member marathon team tucked themselves into that corner of Chilkoot Charlie’s. They were still buzzing from the 26.2 miles they ran eight hours ago and …

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