The real meaning of Easter

According to Janice Blevins:

“HE IS RISEN!!!! If you don’t know the real meaning to Easter read Matthew in the Bible its GREAT!  and understand that if you don’t accept Jesus Christ as LORD and SAVIOR and BELIEVE that he died and ROSE again on the 3rd day for OUR SINS!!

then you are not saved!  and once you believe that the HOLY SPIRIT comes in you and you have the power to do anything in CHRIST!  Tap into the power if you have it.  Plus he PROMISES ETERNAL LIFE….

Remember each one of us will die ….Where are you going? heaven or hell!  it MATTERS and its REAL! there is ONLY ONE WAY TO HEAVEN….JESUS CHRIST…He is the way the truth and light no one comes to the father EXCEPT thru  HIM!!! OPRAH IS WRONG THERE ARE NOT MANY WAYS TO HEAVEN!!!! 


My favorite part of this text is: Oprah is wrong. I’ve been saying this for a long time and I know I’m not the only one. Oprah is on a crusade to, among other things, convince everyone else in this county that she is right. Oprah would have us believe that all things come through her. She wants to be our messiah.

She is our messiah. She heralds a new day, gives sermons on mounts and we listen, oh do we listen. We listen to our tubby prophet so well and heed her warning so close to the letter that we must often ask ourselves if our beliefs, the ones we formed on our own years ago without her help, are the right ones. Often we must stand up to Oprah, like Janice Blevins and just say what needs to be said: Oprah is wrong.

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