Your psychic friend

Only in the future is this possible: an online consultation to determine whether you are psychic. The method was a seven question quiz comprised of symbol interpretation and predicting what images and shapes the real psychics at psychiccenter.com chose.

Here’s what they told me after I nearly bombed the quiz:

“You answered two questions of the precognition tests incorrectly. This means that you weren’t able to sense two out of the three symbols that were selected by the psychics of psychiccenter.com. Despite the interesting choices you made, it looks like your psychic talents are statistically average. It does not appear that you have specific talents. If you are convinced that you do, feel free to contact one of our psychics to share your experience!”

Statistically average? Really now. Those psyhics don’t know that I once wrote a story about a house that burned down that really burned down years later, nor do they know about my ability to say the word “abracadabra” and make magic. Who do those online psychics think they are?

Only now, in the future, is online psychic counseling a reality. No more listening to Dionne Warwick telling us to pick up the phone and call your psychic friend. Now we can find them online.


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