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Desiree’s bedroom is hot and glowing, with the setting sun spilling into the open blinds. All around, lit colored candles flicker: a red one on the dresser, blue ones in jars with the Virgin Mary on the nightstands, a white one with Jesus showing a burning heart on his chest by Mary Jane’s changing table, and small yellow ones in saucers everywhere else …”

from the story, “Agony In The Garden”


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What Readers Are Saying

Taylor Garcia’s stories are tough and tender-hearted, brief and astonishing dramas that show us what we know to be true: that our families are designed to drive us crazy, but also to bring us deeper into ourselves. 
I loved these stories.
Steve Almond

Author of All the Secrets of the World, the national best seller Candyfreak, and Bad Stories

The stories in Functional Families are sharp, surprising glimpses of those moments of life when the cracks start to show, when a border is crossed, when it’s clear things will never be the same. Taylor Garcia writes with great heart and humor and I gobbled up his wonderful collection.

Jess Walter

Author of the national best seller The Cold Millions, and the #1 New York Times Bestseller Beautiful Ruins

Functional families is making waves...

"Nominated for the 2022
Maya Angelou Book Award"

The Functional Families Book got nominated for the Maya Angelou 2022 Award. Check here

About the Author

Taylor García is the author of the novel, Slip Soul (Touchpoint Press, 2021), and the short story collection, Functional Families (Unsolicited Press, 2021). In addition to his books, García has published several short stories and essays in numerous journals, and is a weekly columnist at the Good Men Project.

In a past life, García was a features and sports reporter at The Santa Fe New Mexican, and a political news correspondent at the Talk Radio News Service in Washington, D. C.He holds an MFA in Writing  from Pacific University Oregon. García is a multi-generational Neomexicano originally from Santa Fé, New Mexico now living in Southern California with his family.

Taylor Garcia
Novelist | Short Story Writer | Columnist
  • High brow, low brow, mid brow, unibrow (mostly mid to uni)

  • Irony, both redemptive and humorous (don’t mind some dead irony now and again)

  • Humor (dark, sarcasm, satire, slapstick, dry)

  • Diversity (can’t be all white people…)

  • Spiritualism (dashes of religion)

  • Family issues (dysfunctional only!)

  • Latino, Hispanic, Mexican, Spanish, and Native American influences

  • Framed stories

  • Literary, Pop, and mainstream

  • Short stories

  • Short novels (shnovels, or novellas)

  • Satire, Humor, Dark Humor

  • Magic Realism

  • Historical

  • Sci-Fi

  • Non-fiction: anything having to do with transformation and beating the odds

  • Anything by García Márquez, Saunders, Fitzgerald, Atwood, Vonnegut, Twain, Didion, Marie Howe, Dorianne Laux, Steve Almond, Pam Houston, Kellie Wells

  • Literary and pop fiction writer fixated on short stories and novels
  • Itinerant journalist
  • Lifelong memoirist
  • Aspiring essayist
  • Pathetic poet

A NOVEL By Taylor García


Tonight, I cannot sleep.

Around me, is a sea of men—some sitting up, others laying, talking, whispering, laughing, snoring—each of us floating on a cot, two feet apart from each other, enclosed by a chain-linked fence. My slow breathing won’t calm me, won’t trick me into sleep and off to the world of dreams where I might find Joanne…


Now Available as an Audio Book!

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Slip Soul Launch Party, October 2021, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Speaker at Short Story Fest 2022, May 21-22, 2022 (Virtual)
Attendee at Macondo Writers 2022 Workshop, July 26-30
Faculty at Sapillo Fall 2022 Writers Workshop, October 21-28

LITerally Ep. 58 - Taylor Garcia, Functional Families

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