Published Works


Jelly Bucket “My First War” Number 8, Summer 2018

Umbrella Factory Magazine “Sad Last Days” Issue 31, March 2018

Weekly Humorist “Back Cover Blurbs for Hillary Clinton’s New Memoir, ‘What Happened'” Summer 2017

Adelaide “The Big Night” September 2017, Year III, Number 9, Volume Two (fiction)

Litro “Wheel of Fortune” Winter 2017, #160 (fiction)

Evening Street Review “Agony In The Garden” Autumn 2016, Number

15 (fiction)

The Griffin “Highway Dark” October 2016 (fiction)

The Writing Disorder “Monica In Georgetown” March 2016 (fiction)

3AM Magazine “Amateur Porn: The End of Secrecy in the 1990s” March 2016 (essay)

Diverse Voices Quarterly “Tiffin At Duckworth’s” February 2016 (fiction)

Caveat Lector “Aphrodite’s Island” Fall 2015 Volume 26, No. 1 (fiction)

McSweeney’s Internet Tendency “Approximate Time and Cost Variables of Select Yacht Rock Song Characters” October 2015 (list)

Hawaii Pacific Review “Working On It” Summer 2015 (fiction)

Driftwood Press “Bat Out Of Hell” Summer 2015 Volume 2, Issue 3 (fiction)

Chagrin River Review “Power Hour” Spring 2015, Issue 6 (fiction)

Fifth Wednesday Journal “Bird Dog” Spring 2015, Issue 16 (fiction)

Writer’s Digest 2nd Annual Popular Fiction Winner – Romance (fiction – under Brian Taylor)


The Good Men Project

Father Time – A weekly column dedicated to the concept of time in a parent’s life

Do You Honor Your Precious Skin? August 2015 (Essay)

Slice of Life: One Young Man’s Exploits as Lifeguard by Day, Butcher by Night May 2014 (Essay)

Raised by Arizona: Our “Imperfect” Fathers August 2013 (Essay)

Remember the Atmosphere: 5 Theorems for my Son August 2013 (Essay)

The Evolution of Food and Family June 2013 (Essay)

ESSAYS (published on Medium)

Dear Oprah

Hillary and Women Who Hate Her

How I Lost at Trump and Found My Way

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