Taylor García


The Admiral

December 24, 1492 Enrique Navarro Lovato shared a tiny cabin below the bow with Juan Carlos Gutierrez Romero. Each boy slept on a three-plank bunk, Enrique’s closer to the floor because he was the younger of the two, and because, according to Juan Carlos, Juan Carlos was part Basque, who were superior sailors, which is …

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This one lasted At least five minutes And though we are not from there We appeared to be in South America A capital in the mountains High rises reaching up Out of the valleys   We were not frightened: Our parents had perished already But we still held on, Waited for the shaking to stop …

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The men appear to be outliving the women. They show up now At the funerals With their so-called Friends. Companions. How quick to judge Are the youngest And supposed Most pious. Let her soul rest, They say. It’s only been Six months, They say. He’s never been alone, The others say. He’ll die as soon …

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